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Wine Review – Toad Hollow 2004 Cacophony Zinfandel

A $14.00 bottle of wine that should be priced a bit lower.  To be honest, I bought because of the label.  An easy wine to drink, smooth and with little tannin taste, though the high alcohol content of this Zin causes a bit of a headache.

Add comment December 5th, 2006

Wine Review – “3 Blind Moose”, Merlot 2003

I usually like merlots, but I found this one too shallow of body and somewhat bitter.  For $8, a cheap wine, but I don’t think I will buy it again as I didn’t really enjoy the texture and taste.

Add comment October 12th, 2006

Wine Review- Gala Rouge Pinot Noire 2004

A decent $9 bottle of wine with a nice oak and slightly smoky aroma. Tannin taste a touch high but still a comfortable after-taste.

Add comment October 5th, 2006

Wine Review- Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah 2001

Guardian Peak, South Africa

An overpowering earthy/musty odor and taste, this wine is a bit of a shock to palette though it does hold fairly good body and silky texture.  This spicy and strong wine at 14% alcohol is definitely not for sipping on a hot afternoon.  May be good served with a complex meat dish.

Add comment October 4th, 2006

Wine Review – Merlot Vintage 2004

Jacob’s Creek, South Australia

This wine tasted tart from the beginning and didn’t improve.  Shallow body and rough texture.

Add comment September 28th, 2006


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